My Favorite Sports Blogs

My Favorite Sports Blogs

My Favorite Sports Blogs

By: Keith Cook

As we get older, it is extremely important that we are constantly learning about the world around us.

This is especially true for people around my age. You know, the 18-20 somethings. The ones who think that they have it all figured out. I believe most of us have gotten to that point whether we would like to admit it or not.

My peers and I are now at the point of entering the professional world. And with the technology at our disposal on a consistent basis, there really is no excuse not to be reading up on different topics and learning things we can carry with us into the working world.

This is something that I have come to realize myself as I read more and more into sports marketing materials. There is always something new that you can learn.

I’m going to share some of my favorite sports blogs in this post.

  1. Sports Networker Blog

Sports Networker is pretty much a “one-stop” shop for all of your sports marketing needs. They get regular posts from a diverse set of writers on topics that range from finding your careers in various sports business fields such as sports medicine to the social media aspect of sports marketing.

I think that is what I enjoy most about this blog. They have a blog post that can relate to anything that you have ever wanted to know about sports marketing. For anyone who is considering entering the field of sports marketing, I highly recommend visiting the Sports Networker Blog to get a feel for all that goes on within the field.

  1. The Business of Sports

The Business of Sports has more of a direct focus than the previous blog I listed. Where Sports Networker is more of a wide view of sports marketing, The Business of Sports is focused more on news developments that happen within the field. I enjoy being able to get more of a focused look at the direction that the field is moving while also getting opinions of those who are in the field.

Another part of this site that I really enjoy is looking through the job section to get an idea for positions I may want to research more as well as getting updates about conventions and other events for sports marketing field.

The blog can be found here to take a look at your own leisure.

  1. SLAM Online Blog

This next blog is a little bit of a break in the trend from the business side of sports. I think it is important to mix a little bit of your hobbies with your career focus.

I remember in middle school, it was about time for the magazine subscription fundraiser (some of you or your children may have had to do this back in the day)

Around this time, I had just gotten into watching basketball and really following all of the developments in the league. That was when SLAM magazine caught my eye. I begged my mom to buy a subscription for me, and after a few years (and a huge stack of magazines) later, I have been hooked to one of the most popular basketball magazines.

Over time, the stack got unbearable so I switched my subscription over to mobile devices (my Kindle fire) and browsed their articles on the internet. It was then that I made the discovery of the blog that was attached to the magazine.

It has provided many up and coming journalists the opportunity to gain some experience in their field while adding on to the vast body of content that SLAM produces on a regular basis.

You can follow the SLAM Blog here and take a look at the main SLAM magazine or their “Kicks edition that focuses primarily on shoes.


Learning isn’t something that stops once you leave the classroom.

With the internet and mobile devices constantly changing around us, there are plenty of ways to gain new information that can help us down the road.

With that, comes the ability to search for and organize information that is helpful with our careers and can expand our knowledge of topics we enjoy/hobbies.

I have shared a few of my favorite blogs with you. What are some of your favorite blogs?


Why I Chose to Pursue a Career in Sports Marketing

During the fall semester of my fifth year (current year) in school, I took an e-Marketing course. A requirement for this course was that we pick a career focus, and spend a large portion of the semester using Twitter to assist with a potential job search.

Being that I was 22 years old at the time and coming close to the end of my college career, one would assume that I had spent a lot of time thinking about what I would be doing after graduation. However, like most of my peers, dealing with classes and assignments, I had not gotten to the point of giving my future career a lot of that.

It’s a fairly stressful time in a student’s career, to suddenly realize that you will be out in the “real world” having to make your own way without relying on trying to schedule classes around your friend’s schedules, nights out, and all the other things you can indulge in while in college.

The Moment of Truth

As I sat in class trying to figure out what my career focus was going to be, I landed on one of the focuses that my professor suggested during lecture. From childhood, I have always been a fan of sports. The field of sports marketing was one that I was not extremely familiar with, but for the sake of getting the assignment done for the semester, I decided to look more into it.

The weeks began to pass by, and I was searching through Twitter to find influencers in the field and doing my best to connect with them. I did not fully realize it at the time, but this class was helping me to get a head start over my peers looking to get their degrees in other fields.

-A boy does what he wants to do. A man

Time went on, and the assignment went from feeling like “busy work” to an actual job search (its intended purpose). I became more excited to log on, share articles that I had found, and work on connecting with other like-minded individuals in the field as well as potentially hearing from those who I saw to be Sports Marketing influencers.

I was able to focus on a field that involved one of my personal interests while combining it with the field I was studying to get my degree in. What had started out as something I was doing to get a satisfactory grade in my e-Marketing course grew to be a field that I am strongly considering entering upon my graduation from college.

The Take Away

My experience in my e-Marketing course helped me to feel as though I was prepared for my future job search.

Not everyone in college has everything perfectly mapped out for life after graduation, but with the correct use of campus resources and lessons learned in class, it is not difficult to get started on the right track.

What is your experience with finding a career focus? What tips or helpful suggestions do you have to offer?